Boris Peianov is a visual artist and architect based in Copenhagen.

Currently working in both fields, he specializes in digital content. Collage became his way of telling stories, as an accessible alternative to directing films, editorials or writing. Combining elements from different worlds in one visual story, Boris' main goal is to communicate through each image and push for a bigger presence of artwork in editorials, campaigns and digital content.


If you want to know more Boris' work, ask about a collaboration or simply say hi, drop a line here.


2018 - ALWAYS CRYING ABOUT SOMETHING - Solo show, Gallery no22, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017 - WAR OF WORLDS - Group show, Mora Art Center, Bucharest, Romania. 

2016 - PAPERCUT ISSUES  - MY ISSUES - Group show, Kvit Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

2014 - THE GOLDEN LINE - with Emil Monty Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011 - SERBIAN ARTISTS - Group show, National Opera House, Timisoara, Romania.

2009 - KINEMA IKON - INTERMEDIA - Group show, Arad Muzeum of Art, Arad, Romania.

2008 - Group show @ Belgrade Design WeekO3ONE Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.


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National Opera of Paris


ELLE Magazine

Le Temps Magazine

Nasty Magazine

Superior Magazine

Neue Journal N.Y.

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