Boris Peianov is a visual artist and architect based in Copenhagen.

Currently working in both fields. He specializes in digital content - collage became his way of telling stories, instead of directing films, editorials or writing. Combining elements from different worlds in one visual story, Boris is interested in exploring a subtle yet different alternative to classical editorials and photo shoots - aiming to push the boundaries of classical beauty standards, combining imagery with his sharp and raw writing.


If you want to know more Boris' work, ask about a collaboration or simply say hi, drop a line here.


2018 - ALWAYS CRYING ABOUT SOMETHING - Solo show, Gallery no22, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017 - WAR OF WORLDS - Group show, Mora Art Center, Bucharest, Romania. 

2016 - PAPERCUT ISSUES  - MY ISSUES - Group show, Kvit Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

2014 - THE GOLDEN LINE - with Emil Monty Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011 - SERBIAN ARTISTS - Group show, National Opera House, Timisoara, Romania.

2009 - KINEMA IKON - INTERMEDIA - Group show, Arad Muzeum of Art, Arad, Romania.

2008 - Group show @ Belgrade Design WeekO3ONE Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia.


National Opera of Paris



Le Temps Magazine

Nasty Magazine

Superior Magazine

Neue Journal N.Y.

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